India Australia Day Celebration

26th January Australia-India Day was a huge success for ICAQ. Thank you National Council of Australia for giving us the opportunity to host the Citizenship Ceremony and the Australia-India Day.
Thank you Cr. Mr. Jarred Cassidy (Deagon Ward) for accepting our invitation to be the Presiding Officer for the ceremony.
Thank you to Hon. Mr. Luke Howarth Federal MP, member for Petrie, Ms. Anika Wells, Federal MP for Lilley, Hon. Mr. Stirling Hinchliffe MP, member for Sandgate, Acting Inspector, Ms. Jeanie Murray, for attending the function and being part of the ceremony. Special thanks to Ms. Anika Wells, MP for surprising us with your speech in Hindi.
Thank you Song Women Maroochy Barambha and Budda Charlie Chambers for the Welcome to Country.
Congratulations to all candidates who received their Citizenship at the function.
A big thank you to the panellists for sharing your thoughts on the shared cultures and values panel discussion. Hon. Mr. Luke Howarth MP, Hon. Mr Stirling Hinchliffe MP, Dr. Abraham Francis, and Ms. Sudha Manian Sitar.
And a huge applause and thank you to all the committee members of ICAQ, and all the volunteers who helped out in making this event a success.