Advisory Board and Patron


An Advisory Board consists of distinguished members of Queensland and the Patron will be appointed by the Executive Committee for the term of the Executive Committee. The Patron and the Advisory board can have both members and non-members on the board.

Mr. Nikhil Reddy
Ms. Pinky Singh
Mr. Avninder Singh
Mr. Gurdeep Singh

An organisation is often recognised by it’s board of directors and patrons. Finding the right match is half the success achieved for the organisation. The Indian Council of Australia, Queensland Inc. has been blessed and privileged for the acceptance of appointment by Mr. Ashish Katta as Patron.

Here is an introduction to our Newly appointed Patron:

Mr. Ashish Katta spent his growing up years in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh in India before his family moved to Australia in 2007. Mr Ashish is an ardent Social Entrepreneur with interests in IT, manufacturing, education, and hospitality. He has served on many non-profit boards including the educational Institutes. Currently, He serves as a director on board of iCollege Limited, a vocational education company listed on ASX (Australian stock exchange)

He has served as the Chairman of Australia India Trade Association. Worked as an Executive Director of Germii Pathogen Mitigation Pty Ltd, Australia. He has been on boards as a Director of Kokonut Hospitality Group, Children of destiny foundation, India, MIT Sea dragon defence systems Pty Ltd in Australia and Perimeter Security, in PNG.

His passion is films. As a start-up investor he has investments in movie productions such as by Friday Talkies motion pictures Pty Ltd. His film Kakori is the favourite film he produced.

He believes in ArthShashtra and he is known to take companies to soaring heights. He says “If you select a good team, the team will take the company forward” (

ICAQ is extremely humbled and thankful to Mr. Ashish Katta for accepting the position as the patron. The ICAQ management team members welcome Mr. Ashish Katta to the ICAQ organisation committee. Mr. Parminder Singh, President of ICAQ says “ It is a great pleasure to work with Mr. Ashish Katta in taking the organisation forward. We are all excited and also looking forward to this collaboration with various organisations Mr. Ashish Katta is associated with”.

Mr. Ashish Katta also expresses his gratitude,"I feel deeply honoured to be chosen as the Patron of ICAQ, and it is quite humbling that I have been given the opportunity to serve the Indian Australian community in particular and the Australian community in general".

The Indian Council of Australia is a community organisation by and working for the Indian diaspora living in Australia. The main focus of the organisation is wellbeing of fellow Indians living in Australia. We work towards developing better services in education, mental health, aged care and giving the diaspora a sense of belonging, integration and ease of settlement in Australia, through activities it undertakes mostly pertaining to the cultural service development, education, and entertainment programs.

Membership to ICAQ is open to all who are interested in and related to India. For further details on the organisation please visit our website